Yachts and Boats Cleaning

Yachts and Boats Cleaning

Instant cleaning & care

We undertake the full cleaning of all interior spaces of a boat such as living rooms, cabins, bathrooms etc. We clean surfaces such as carpets, upholstery, mattresses, couches, walls, ceilings and furniture by using a variety of appropriate cleaning materials and latest technology equipment so as to cover your boat’s every cleaning need.


The innovative ZeoTec products are the first liquid detergents worldwide made with natural zeolite. We are using the best quality raw materials which are of natural origin or plant based and highly biodegradable.


Friendly to people
and the environment

Void of
harmful substances

Non harmful to
aquatic environment

At the same time we effectively remove the salt that has accumulated on the boat.

Our years of experience and our modern equipment

ensure your mattress is thoroughly cleaned in three steps:

Checking for mites

We take a sample of the dust in the interior of the mattress in order to find out the level of infection.

Deep cleaning of the interior

Shaking and strong suction by a high technology vacuuming machine that removes allergens and mites without steam or radiation.

Dry cleaning of
the mattress cover

We use a dry cleaning method to remove stains from the surface of the mattress like oiliness, sweat, urine etc. without using foam, soap, enzymes, chlorine and other harmful chemicals.