We keep your carpets
in perfect condition

Wash & Care

“Nerotrivi” has experience in cleaning your carpets and uses safe and advanced methods of cleaning. We successfully combined the traditional methods of Nerotrivi with new advanced methods of cleaning. We installed advanced technology machinery and are fully using ZeoTec cleaning products. The detergents we use are non-toxic, are based in Zeolite, are biodegradable, friendly to the user and the environment while being more effective than chemical equivalents.

Their use guarantees great results and doesn’t leave residue from previous washings.


The innovative ZeoTec products are the first liquid detergents worldwide made with natural zeolite. We are using the best quality raw materials which are of natural origin or plant based and highly biodegradable.


Friendly to people
and the environment

Void of
harmful substances

Non harmful to
aquatic environment




Removal of solid dirt and dust.



Wet cleaning.



Centrifugal drainage.



overed space, protection from sunlight.



Βrushing and automatic measuring.

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Dry cleaning

Certain types of carpets such as handwoven and silk ones, are more sensitive and require special treatment for their cleaning. In that case dry cleaning is the only solution because wet cleaning can cause alterations in colour, wear in the surface of the carpet and make its weaving uneven.

Knowing hand woven rugs’ sensitivity, “Nerotrivi” uses up to date and environmentally friendly dry cleaning methods making sure your carpets are protected from tearing, alteration in colour or their weaving.

That way, wool and silk carpets with natural dyes that can’t withstand wet cleaning, are dry cleaned carefully with a method that protects them and preserves them in time.

Free Pick up, Delivery & Safekeeping

Pick up & Delivery

We make appointments to pick up and deliver back when ready your carpets from any place you wish after a phone call with our transportation vans.


After the carpets are completely dry, they are wrapped in special type of nylon so as to be protected from dust, insects and humidity.
Afterwards they are placed in shelves according to their size and weight. Using barcode we make sure we know their exact position in storage as well as the stage of the cleaning procedure they are at any time. Your carpets are kept in a safe environment that is monitored 24/7 by a security company.
We keep your carpets in storage for free until the end of the running year which is a bonus feature to all the other services our company provides.

Special Care Services

Fringes – Binding

“Nerotrivi” can replace the binding or fringes at the edge of your carpets with new ones. We can also cut and bind your rugs at any size you wish so that they fit your space perfecly.
You can find a variety of different fringes and tussels for your rugs on our renewed sample book.


The method of peeling is used in frayed carpets that have faults in their weaving or need renewal of their surface.
During this process the excess fibers and knots from the carpets’ surface are removed so their colours and designs are revived making it appear new.


“Nerotrivi” recommends waterproofing your carpets, a procedure which protects them from several types of stains such as coffee, juice, soda etc.
By waterproofing the carpet we protect it from any liquid that can come into its weaving. That way we prevent moisture from destroying the interior and surface of the carpet, the growing of mold and fading of colours. Your children an pets are protected and at the same time your carpets are rid of bacteria that may be growing in its interior causing allergies and infections.
Vacuuming becomes an easy feat while liquids can be cleaned more easily by using a dry cloth.


We bring back to life the old and worn carpets with the method of plastification.
After the process of cleaning and drying, we apply layers of special latex glue on the back of the carpet (on its whole surface or locally) depending on the case and the condition.
This way, the carpet becomes much more durable, less wrinkled and non-slippery.
The plastification method is ideal for handmade carpets and rugs.


We undertake the repair of worn carpets and rugs, regardless of their quality, construction and type.
The most common damage that can be caused due to misuse, aging and bad maintenance, is moth eating, burning from a cigarette or fireplace and pile wear and tearing from moisture.
The specialized repair methods that we apply, are the safest and most profitable solution for keeping the carpets in good condition for many years.


Blankets and heavy woolen rugs need special procedures so as to maintain their softness in texture. We can only achieve that with the cleaning method of traditional Nerotrivi.
We are the only cleaning company in the Attica region who own traditional Nerotrivi and can offer to you the best possible result of cleanliness and freshness with just a phone call.

«Νεροτριβή»: Η διά τής δυνάμεως τού πίπτοντος ύδατος τριβή, κατεργασία τών χονδρών, ιδίως μαλλίνων, υφασμάτων, επί τώ σκοπώ νά αποκτήσωσι ταύτα τό χνοώδες καί τήν απαραίτητη απαλότητα.

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