Bio Cleaning
of Mattresses

Our years of experience and our modern equipment

ensure your mattress is thoroughly cleaned in three steps:

Checking for mites

We take a sample of the dust in the interior of the mattress in order to find out the level of infection.

Deep cleaning of the interior

Shaking and strong suction by a high technology vacuuming machine that removes allergens and mites without steam or radiation.

Dry cleaning of
the mattress cover

We use a dry cleaning method to remove stains from the surface of the mattress like oiliness, sweat, urine etc. without using foam, soap, enzymes, chlorine and other harmful chemicals.

The truth about mattresses

We spend one third of our lives on our mattress which is an ideal environment for mites, microbes, fungi and bacteria to grow.

Every mattress after a month of use contains more than 15.000 mites, in four months 500.000 and in a year more than 1.500.000.

Frequent change of sheets and covers does not offer enough protection against mites.

Mattresses and pillows is recommended to be cleaned at least once a year.