Our company

Mask Group 44

25 years
experience in
cleaning services

We keep your carpets in perfect condition, we care for your hygiene!

Nerotrivi is a modern company with ecological sensitivity that has been active in the field of cleaning since 1996 and is distinguished for its reliability and responsibility. Its wide range of services includes the cleaning of carpets, rugs, blankets, fleeces, duvets and the general care of homes with bio-cleaning of mattresses and living rooms. It also undertakes the cleaning of business premises and yachts. Finally, Nerotrivi collaborates with professionals. Thus, it is constantly ranked among the most competitive companies in the field of cleaning.

Our values

Our priority
is to serve
our customers.

value for money.

Constant renewal
of our equipment.
High level of know-how.

Reliable collaborations
with professionals and cleaners.

Why to choose us

We offer high quality services since 1996 with consistency and quality.
We combine the traditional method of Nerotrivi with new cleaning techniques. Nerotrivi is a completely safe way to clean coarse and woolen fabrics (fleeces).
We innovate in the cleaning process using non-toxic detergents that remove all residues from previous washes, ensuring absolute cleanliness and freshness.
We use state-of-the-art cleaning machines.
We pioneer the use of advanced natural liquid zeolite, minimizing the effect of detergents on the environment.
We have privately owned covered areas for a natural process of drying, packaging and storage with care and safety.
We serve with speed and consistency throughout Attica.
We receive and deliver by our own means throughout the year.
Our goal is satisfied customers who feel safe and trust us to take care of their property.
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